Published: 05th January 2010
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Once you have made a business plan, it is essential implementation and continued review must follow throughout the year. Strategy implementation requires enough time, energy, and attention. Implementation must be analyzed as the next step, even though a complex step, that follows the planning time in the overall strategic planning process.

Businesses successful at strategy implementation efficiently control five key supporting issues: Action planning, organization structure, monitoring and control, human resources, and linkages.

Action Planning:

The first step in strategic planning is developing a detailed action plans. List all the action steps, which you think is essential for your business. List down all the action plans; set the due date and the resources necessary to achieve each these action steps.

Organization structure:

Every organization has its own unique structure. After listing down the action plans, carefully analyze your current structure and ask yourself... "Whether the current organizational structure is appropriate?" If your organizational structure is not appropriate, you might face lot of problems in implementing your action plans.

Monitoring and control:

To check whether you are on course you have to monitor and control your action plans. Monitoring and controlling helps you to be on track in order to achieve your goals and objectives.

Human resources:

Human resource factor plays a major role in making strategies happen. By considering human resource factor in strategy implementation helps you to decide about your management team and their strengths and weaknesses; you will be able to give them training and experience in order to accomplish the goals and objectives of your company in a better way. For implementing the strategies in a more appropriate way it is necessary, the communication between the different departments must be strong and there should be a flow in the strategy.


Establishing the above four factors successfully is not a big task. Organizations develop all the factors, but fail to apply effectively those strategies and action plans. The reason behind this is usually, lack of linkage. If you want to implement your strategies successfully, you must link them together. There are two types of linkages: Vertical and horizontal. For running a successful business, strategies must "link" both vertical and horizontal. Vertical linkages build a link between all the departments of your organization, while horizontal linkages are linkages across departments.

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