Importance of outsourcing financial analysis:

Published: 13th August 2009
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One cannot judge the financial position of a company just by looking at the financial statements. Financial statement analysis helps the owners know about the financial strength and weaknesses of the company with respect to its assets and liabilities; it also helps the owners to compare their financial health with other companies of the same business in the industry.

Following are the three techniques of financial statement analysis:

• Horizontal analysis

• Vertical analysis

• Ratio analysis: Ratio analysis is sub-divided into following five categories:

 Liquidity Ratios

 Asset Management / Activity Ratios

 Debt Management / Solvency / Leverage Ratios

 Profitability Ratios

 Market Ratios

Outsourcing financial analysis provides the following benefits to the organization:

• Low cost: One of the basic and foremost benefits of outsourcing financial analysis includes accomplishment at a low cost. The expenses of the business are possibly reduced by 50% to 60%.

• Professional help: It is done by the experts. On the other hand, in-house employees who have the understanding of outsourcing come with the requirement of higher salary.

• Ensures quality work: It guarantees quality work

• Time saving: It allows a business to save time

• Decision making: Proficient and improved decision making

• Data analysis: Error-free and precise data analysis

• Efficiency: It increases competence

Outsourcing financial analysis emphasizes on the growth of the organization, and at the same time, diminishes cost. One can find thousands of outsourcing financial analysis services online which are easily accessible and ensure on time delivery.

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