Published: 04th December 2009
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The first and the most important part of the business plan that grabs the reader's attention is the executive summary, which must be written professionally without any errors and contains all crucial points that can help you to attract potential investors and lenders in brief. The second important key area that attracts investors after the executive summary is the vision, mission statement, and objective statement. It is necessary that all these key points must be creative, simple, and easy to understand.
The executive summary of the business plan must contain brief information about your entire business plan. Your business overview, marketing analysis, your customers are, operational plan, and management team. With the help of executive summary potential investors and lenders will get the point about your business.
The vision and mission statement are the statements that tells your readers how passionate you are for your business and your chances of future success. Make sure that your mission statement must be that powerful that it sticks on the mind of your investors. A great mission statement will tell your investors that your business has some worth. Don't confuse the two statements vision statement tells about your future and mission is how you will achieve success in future.
A vision and mission statement is not only for investors and for lenders but it also helps you to achieve your business goals in the best possible way. Writing the good vision and mission statement is not an easy task. Make sure that your vision and mission statements must be realistic and relevant to your business. Try to make it passionate and inspiring. For example, the mission statement of the famous brand NIKE is: CRUSH REEBOK. The mission and vision statement must be similar to your competitors.
Business plan writing needs enough time and skills and executive summary, mission and vision statement are the most important elements that grabs the reader's attention. Write it as simple and attractive as you can.

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